My step children whine at me as I make them change out of their thongs and into a shoe or sandal before we head out. “Why can’t we just wear them like everyone else?”

I find it incredibly difficult to explaining to a child but let’s make it as simple as possible. “I want your shoes to hold onto you, not you holding onto your shoes!”

So why, I hear you ask is this so important?

I work every day in releasing the connective tissues that run the length of your body and allow them to free up all the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, joints and organs along those pathways. When someone is walking holding onto a thong the toes do not follow the natural rhythm and movement. Instead all the muscles in the foot, calf, hams, and up through the back all restrict. So a snowball effect is happening. The Psoas muscles in the hip are not working correctly exaggerating lower back pain and shifting the tilt of the hips, throwing out the natural curve of your spine. Then the shoulders move out of alignment over the body and the head must lean forward to counter balance. Because now the muscles in the neck have to pull all different ways to keep you upright and balanced your shoulders start to pull and the tension starts in the jaw.  All this is without even the hazard of walking off the back and twisting the ankles and knees.

Can you see how this can all snowball?

It is so very simple to change to some comfortable shoes that fit well and hold onto you allowing the toe flexion to happen as naturally as possible. Of course with children the body is still developing, so give it the best chance possible to grow in balance!