I have always struggled with this myself until I came to understand that every person has something different that works. I was told to keep a gratitude journal, morning affirmations, only be around people who inspire you.

Let me tell you in my job at the time the toxicity of people around me was insane. I had to go to work. How do I conquer that? Keep a journal… Hahaha if you even knew me a little you would know that I don’t do bookwork by necessity let alone by choice. I just don’t have the commitment to it. Morning affirmations worked for a bit with an app but then I would forget or they would need to be changed and I would fall off.

So what to do????

I started with joining some face book groups that posted positive messages and made sure to follow them. Commenting occasionally brought them to the top of my feed. I unfollowed or removed myself from groups that gave me any negative feelings. This included family and friends who posted negative constantly. Then I set an alarm on my phone that said “I am ENOUGH” and when it came up I would say it out loud 3 times wherever I was. To start with it was 4-5 times a day.

I found that my positivity inspired others so by sharing positive quotes or laughter of babies and such I would then be lifting them and I too would feel good.

Making sure I walk on the beach or in nature at least once a week because nature will naturally replenish our body. Ever noticed how high you feel after swimming in the surf. Tired but happy!

Music is another place to look. What are you listening to? Are the words powerful and uplifting or sad or angry? TV shows you are watching? What are they telling you? Adds can be the worst sometimes with the messages of you are not worthy until you purchase their item. In the early days I would take a 1 month hiatus from social media, TV, Radio, Newspapers and negative people. I would listen only to music without lyrics or that were uplifting. I have since found that I have no desire to watch TV and haven’t read a newspaper in 5 years.

Most recently I discovered Laughter Yoga. I went along to try it out and discovered that it is just laughing exercises and breathing. So much FUN! Raises Endorphin’s, builds core strengthening and improves breathing. Ok so again if you know me all you have to do is say fun and I am there, well I was suggested fun. Not wrong! I loved it so much I became certified to run classes but anyone can do it at home.

I shall leave you with my final piece of advice. FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT, you have no idea how much this has picked me up and gotten me through on days where I was just flat or downright out of sorts.