Born and raised in southern NSW, Tenielle first moved to South East Queensland at 16. When a close friend passed from cancer a group of friends were discussing what they wanted to be remembered for. Her answer was to “Positively impact everyone and live life to the full”.

Her life mission was set.

She started her working career serving others through hospitality and retail, earning little but gaining much. The satisfaction from impacting others with positivity was great.

When she was 21 a move to North Queensland enabled her to discover what is now her mission … Bowen Therapy following a severe neck restriction as a result of a tennis match.

After leaving North Queensland to pursue travel opportunities, including driving tour buses through Europe and working in mines in Tasmania, she spent years abusing her body with night shifts, poor diet and injuries like whiplash. It was through this that she found her way back to the positive healing of Bowen Therapy.

Being diagnosed with Coeliac disease made her really step back and listen to what her body was telling her.

From there she began a journey to health through body and nutrition which has taken her from a generally unhealthy body and life down to one full of energy and healthy living lifestyle.

The latest part of her journey brings her to the Redcliffe Peninsula. Tenielle fell in love with this part of the country on a visit in 1996 but didn’t return until 2013. She moved to the peninsula permanently in the later part 2013 and since then has endeavored to be a contributing part of the community.

Essential Bowen was opened to service this community in mid 2015 and in late 2015 opened a shopfront location in the Iconic Jetty Arcade. After 3 years of service to over 700 members of the local community, we are now located at shop 6, 120 Sutton St alongside Redcliffe Community Bus and Bees Gees Way

Over the past 4 years Tenielle has been able to provide support to the SES, Breakfast Club, Assistance Dogs, as well as many local schools, sporting communities and local charities, which has enabled her to get closer to the goal she set at 16.

Our Happy Clients

Tenielle has the best bedside manner and actually cares about what is going on with your body. I have been to see Chiros. osteos’ physios and other natural therapists and have had no relief. Instant with Tenielle and her Bowen Therapy.
I’d never had Bowen before but after just the first treatment I felt my balance was better than it had been in years, my shoulder had a much greater range of motion (I initially visited her for the shoulder pain) and it was just easier to move in general. After 3 treatments She’s sorted quite a few things that I’ve just spent years putting up with, so looking forward to working through a few more tight spots in the next couple of visits 🙂
Tenielle really knows what she is doing. The first time I met her she saw me limping and asked if she could help. With 3 quick jabs of her thumb she took away 80% of the pain I had in my back. I was sold!
I was super keen for a full appointment. After just 4 or 5 sessions I now have better range of movement then I had in my twenties. The best part is I don’t need any more treatments, unless I injure myself or feel the need, so much better than chiro or physio which seem to be a never ending cost and never really hit the spot. Mind you she is a pleasure to talk to and a great source of valuable health tips so I will be back for some proactive maintenance.
I’m a full time driver and I have had back and neck pains as well as restricted movement in my neck and arms for years. I’ve been to Chiropractors, Physio’s and Acupuncturists over the years with minimal relief.
I have been seeing Tenielle for a few months now and I can finally move my neck from side to side with no pain and minimal restriction and my arms and back are so much better to. I moved house over the weekend and normally my recovery time is days and the next day I woke up fine (A big surprise to me).
I highly recommend Tenielle and Bowen as a form of pain relief.
Thanks Tenielle for my first ever Bowen Therapy. My muscles were very sore before the session but afterwards I walked out with more flexibility and feeling great. She really knows what she is doing. It was a very relaxing and informative session. I highly recommend Tenielle!
Love love love love absolutely love this place
Tenielle you are the best ..my neck isn’t sore any more
My husband is also very happy with his back..he will be back
I highly recommend her to all my friends and family
If you have not experienced Bowen Therapy, please give it a try.
Having lived with chronic pain and headaches for many years, taking many pain killers with little relief, I have found great benefit for the bowen treatments that I have received from Tenielle.
I have so far received 6 treatments and the level of pain has reduced greatly. Swollen ankles, severe neck pain, lower back pain have declined dramatically since my first treatment. My body was in a mess!!
Bowen Therapy is gentle, hands on treatment, with no similarity to any massage therapy.
Thank you Tenielle


  • Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy
  • Bowen Therapy & Diabetes
  • Bowen Therapy & Sport
  • Shoulder Injury and Rehabilitation
  • Bowen Body Decoding
  • Bowen Association Australia Accredited Member