Is Bowen Suitable for Children

It 100% is fabulous for babies and children

Children love Bowen Therapy their little bodies are so open and receptive to the technique that a session is very quick. Their body just accepts the new information and goes about making the adjustments and realigning without having to wade through the toxins and tension that adults hold in their bodies.

Children are very resilient, and often after a fall or injury when playing, they just get up and keep on playing, not wanting to miss out on any fun. However, lots of these little (or big) incidents over time can build up into areas of tightness and pain.

I have treated many children and they all respond quickly and love the way it makes them feel. Bowen can treat all sorts of sore spots in the body, shoulders, knees, back, headaches, asthma, digestive issues, sinus, even babies with colic. Now that you know all this, remember you can bring your children for Bowen to keep their bodies happy, healthy and aligned too!